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Primaria Soimus
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Mayor’s message Irimie Mihai Gabriel

Mayor’s message Irimie Mihai Gabriel
I want to thank you and to wish you welcome on commune Soimus Hall’s site. Here you will find useful information about Local Administration’s activity, about achievements and future plans and especially interesting things about our Commune. I want to thank Commune Soimus’s inhabitants for the trust given on 10.06.2012. Through everything I undertake I don’t want to disappoint and Commune’s image to be thriving. I am convinced we can show on our site a complete image of all the activities undertaken and in progress, culture preserved and enriched, the generosity and land’s beauty , the hospitality and people’s generosity living on these lands .We invite you to visit us and  to enjoy in peace the natural character of these places , to be close to us at traditional holydays , and together to remind the past , to built the future under the sign of present accomplishments and achievements. As Mayor of Commune Soimus , I Irimie Mihai Gabriel assure you of the institution’s availability and you receive the proof of my high consideration. We have triumphed in the past and I am determined to do in the future!
Mayor Irimie Mihai Gabriel