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Primaria Soimus
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Soimus is a territorial –administrative unity located in the central part of  Hunedoara district , on the Mures Valley, on the right dock of this river , at his entrance in Deva- Radna defile .The village neighbors at East with Harau, at North East with Certeju de sus,at North with Valisoara and Baita,at West with Branisca , and at South Mures river splits Soimus from Deva and from Vetel, all of those are places from Hunedoara district.
Commune Soimus covers a surface of 6859 ha, representing approximate 1 percent of district Hunedoara’ s surface.
In this surface are included also 3265 ha-farmlands (from which 1750 ha arable land,907 ha pastures,603 ha meadow and 5 ha orchards) and 2771 ha forest fund .3594 ha non-agricultural lans from which 138 ha waters , 206 ha roads and railways ,291 ha courtyards and constructions and 188 ha unproductive lands.
 The average latitude where the village centre of the commune is 245 m. The villages of the commune are located, depending on landforms ,at altitudes between 180 m (Mures’s everglade) and 425 m (Corb’s hill in Sulighete’s border)
Commune Soimus is located at a distance of 5 km from residence Deva, Residence of district Hunedoara and at 403 km from residence Bucuresti, capital of Romania.