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Primaria Soimus
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The folkloric esemble

The folkloric esemble Soimusiana-Soimus was founded on the 5th  July 2012.
The folkloric esemble Soimusiana-Soimus it is a way of transposing the traditional treasure in a performance of old tranditional ways,a combination of song, dance and of popular verse from commune Soimus and from another folkloric areas of our country ,a presentation on the biggest stages of an unique combination, made of  dances ,songs and the proud popular clothes , youngest members of this band became truly messengers of the area that they represent. Through Folkloric esemble Soimusiana Soimus’s activity is looking for the conservation and revaluation of the cultural wealth, of our traditional values, which belong to an nation full of creativity and talent. Over 60 children and young people from commune Soimus works within this esemble, been truly keepers and lovers of song, dance and of popular clothes. The popular song have a very big importance in day by day life of people from rural areas, giving to them the possibility to manifest their feelings through it. Beside dancers of Soimusiana- Soimus esemble got on stage also singers,Zselnyan Ancuta, Munteanu Bianca, Gavrila Geanina, Rovinaru Gelu and two wonderful little girls Denisa and Alexia Magda, that beside artistic interpretation of popular songs, wears gorgeous popular costumes .The orchestra of Soimusiana –Soimus esemble is assured by the band lead by Tiberiu Szelnyan ,Radu Gherman –saxophone.Dance’s choreography is assured by Bogdan Daniel Ioan, which from love for popular dance, having beside these wonderful children and lovely young people of  the song, dance and of the popular Romanian suits, they succeed to diversify esemble’s repertory , in which there are dances and popular songs from Moti’s area “Tarina” from the beautiful land of padureni “Padurenesc”, a suite of dances of the “Mures’s Valley”, from Sibiu’s border –the beautiful jiene specific to this area, so well performed by the group of girls, also by the group of boys, a dance of “Codru” and from Sulighete village a specific dance “Suligiceana” being the representative dance of commune Soimus. The diversified repertoire of dances being well performed by these wonderful young dancers, good technique of the singers in the interpretation sustained by them, brought a real success to this group. In very short time, in 2013 being a year full of success for the folkloric esemble Soimusiana Soimus.Over 40 children perform in Mugurii Soimusului’s esemble , those being youngest members of Folkloric esemble Soimusiana – Soimus, wonderful “mugurasii ai folclorului Soimusian”, have attraction for popular song, dance and popular clothes. Under the coordination of prof. Tiberiu Zselnyan these children perform beautiful popular songs  from our area, and also from other folkloric areas of the country, they will be the next keepers of folklore from commune Soimus. Choreographer Bogdan Daniel Ioan, deals with children trying to initiate them and teach the choreographic moves of the popular dances and the best ones, with time will get on the stage beside the dancers of the Folkloric Esemble Soimusiana-Soimus.